Forest Peoples Project: Africa Legal and Human Rights Programme

Excerpt from FPP website: "...Throughout Central Africa forest peoples experience persistent discrimination and are denied rights to lands and livelihoods, to organise and to represent themselves. Many suffer severe repression or other violations of their basic rights, when they call for reforms or resist imposed development schemes. The human rights violations they face include ethnic discrimination, state-sanctioned expropriation of lands and resources by logging, mining, agri-business and conservation projects, and physical violence including forced labour, abduction, torture, rape, murder, massacres and, in Democratic Republic of Congo, probably even cannibalism. While the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples in international law are now recognised in the laws and policies of South American and some Asian countries, on the African continent the indigenous peoples' movement is still at an embryonic stage...Our Africa Legal and Human Rights Programme, funded by the Law Society and the Sigrid Rausing Trust, aims to introduce a new dimension into the human rights debate in Africa, by building the capacity of indigenous organisations to use national and international legal processes to claim and defend their rights. This programme supports all our other projects in Africa too. By providing information, training and legal advice to indigenous peoples we help them identify the key issues needing legal support, and develop strategies for claiming the rights appropriate to their local and national context..."

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